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The Pneumiatry Institute was established in 1973 and is located in Chicago, Illinois.  The Pneumiatry Institute, its students, graduates, and supporters and its websites are the only legitimate sources in the world for the study of the anthropiatric subspecialty known as “Pastoral Anthropiatry” or “Pneumiatry.”  Any other source claiming knowledge in this field and/or using the terms “Pneumiatry” or “Pneumiatric” or the like is uninformed and/or fraudulent.


The terms “Pneumiology,” “Pastoral Anthropology,” “Pneumiatry,” “Pastoral Anthropiatry,” “Anthropiatry,” “Psychiatric Pneumiatry,” and “Pneumiatric Psychiatry” were coined by Dr. Michael J. Bisconti on January 1, 1959.  Pneumiology is the science of Pastoral Anthropology.  Pastoral Anthropology is scripturally ethical Anthropology.  Dr. Bisconti is the founder of the science of Pastoral Anthropology (Pneumiology).  Anthropology is the science of human beings.  Pneumiatry is the science of Pastoral Anthropiatry.  Pastoral Anthropiatry is scripturally ethical Anthropiatry.  Dr. Bisconti is the founder of the science of Pastoral Anthropiatry (Pneumiatry).  Anthropiatry is the science of the healing of human beings from the scientific and fideistic perspectives.  Dr. Bisconti is the founder of the science of Anthropiatry.  Medicine is the science of the healing of human beings from the scientific perspective.  Medicine is a part of the field of Anthropiatry (e.g., see Abortion).  Psychiatric Pneumiatry is scripturally ethical, advanced Pastoral Psychiatry.  Psychiatric Pneumiatry is not a medical discipline though it requires a degree of medical knowledge.  Dr. Bisconti is the founder of the science of Psychiatric Pneumiatry.  Pastoral Psychiatry is not a medical discipline (see Dr. John Bonnell).  Pneumiatric Psychiatry is a specialized type of Psychiatry.  Pneumiatric Psychiatrists are licensed Psychiatrists who have received additional, advanced training in Pneumiatry, including Psychiatric Pneumiatry, at the Pneumiatry Institute.  Dr. Bisconti is the founder of the science of Pneumiatric Psychiatry.


The Pneumiatry Institute does not consult with visitors of this website regarding their medical problems though this website does contain documented, medical information.  We refer EVERYONE with medical problems to medical professionals that meet the standards of the Pneumiatry Institute (see Neurology section on the Contact Us Via Our AI page at The L. F. Nexus).





EXCEPTION NOTE:  There are exceptions to some of the principles set forth on our advice pages.  However, these exceptions are always in accordance with the “Principles of Exception.”  See Principles Of Exception.


We continually receive emails from the average person as well as from pneumiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, bishops, and other professionals.  Send your emails to tpi@pneumiatry.com.


Our advice pages include discussions of spiritual (biblical) principles and scientific fact (II Peter 1:5 tells us to study science).  The spiritual (biblical) principles never change.  The scientific fact, on the other hand, may change.  For that reason, our advice may be revised from time to time in accordance with new scientific information.  Click here to go to our advice pages at The L. F. Nexus.





Most of the following services and organizations are in the planning stage or “just opening their doors.”


American Pneumiatric Psychiatry Institutes

Pneumiatric Mental Health Clinic

Chicago Pneumiatric Hospital

Pneumiatric Multiple Sclerosis Research Center

Pneumiatric Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Pneumiatric Prebortion Counseling Center

Pneumiatric Alcoholism Treatment Center

Pneumiatric Cancer Research Center

Pneumiatric Diabetes Research Center

Pneumiatric Drug Treatment Center

Pneumiatric Heart Research Center

Pneumiatric Medical Clinic


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