Dr. Michael Bisconti


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We have found that you can accomplish at least 80% of what you need to accomplish in the interview process through a phone interview.  The phone interview can be followed by a face-to-face interview if both parties believe it would be worth their while.


Starting with a phone interview is better for several reasons.  First, a phone interview, being more of an intellectual and less of a social process, allows all parties to focus more on the primary needs, key questions, and principal, intellectual properties that they are addressing.  Second, the phone interview allows for greater ease of objectivity on the part of all parties in making their key assessments regarding the fitness of the other parties.  This is because the “personality” factor is minimized.  Third, a phone interview allows phone conferencing, which allows parties at more than two locations to join in the interview process.  Fourth, the consultant has saved time and travel expense if it turns out the contract opportunity is not a fit for all parties.


There are other reasons to start with a phone interview but I think we have addressed the key ones above.  As a result of these considerations, it is only natural to require a phone interview before a face-to-face interview.