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February 28, 2004

Edited March 3, 2004


At today’s meeting of the Pro Evolution Society, the membership voted 1000 (for) to 7 (against) in favor of departing from the long held evolutionary view that man is necessarily connected to the evolutionary chain.  In plain English, "Man may not have evolved."  The membership also voted 610 (for) to 397 (against) in favor of maintaining our belief in the certainty that evolution does indeed occur in lower species.


The new movement in field unification physics is primarily responsible for the change in our thinking.  We would like to thank Dr. Michael Bisconti in particular for bringing to light both old and new scientific discoveries and, in particular, his recently published paper on “Field Unification:  The Theory Of Infinite Relativity.”  See Dr. Bisconti’s page “Unified Field Theory Disproves Evolution.”  We must emphasize that we are not in perfect agreement with Dr. Bisconti.  However, that may only be due to the fact that we have not yet had time to study all of Dr. Bisconti’s data.



February 1, 2005


Today, the Pro Evolution Society voted 1007 (for) to 0 (against) to change from the traditional evolutionary view, called “monogenetic evolution,” to a new evolutionary view, called “polygenetic evolution.”  The traditional, monogenetic view says that “all organisms sprang from one organism.”  The new, polygenetic view says that “all organisms sprang from many organisms.”  We now hold to the view that the human race sprang from a single pair of human beings and that this original pair of human beings were biologically identical to modern human beings.




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