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There are many evils in the world, some worse than others.  In our times, because of their frustration with so-called educated leadership, many our setting aside reason and acting on emotion and impulse alone.  These people are called “demagogues.”  While we feel their frustration, grief, and indignation, we cannot support their irrational protestations.  A society whose citizens do not follow reason is far worse than any of the evils that these demagogues seek to defeat.



Currently, we are monitoring over 300 demagogues, including those listed below.  At this time, there is a rise in expressions of animosity and ill will toward former first lady Hillary Clinton.  We have listed a few anti-Hillary demagogues.  Up until today, we had included some of their statements.  However, there is enough ugliness in the world without the publication of the ugly things these people have to say.  In addition, so as to not encourage their followers and to not inadvertently aid in their recruitment of new followers, we are no longer publishing the last names of these demagogues.  We provide the first name and last initial of each so that those who know these people are alerted.





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