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The following article is based on a synthesis of survey results and other studies, including the Muslim Empire Survey (LNYA [link not yet activated]), the Steinmetz Survey (LNYA), the Brinker Report (LNYA), the Hempstead Report (LYNA), the 2007 Muslim Global Manifesto (LNYA) and over a hundred other surveys, analyses, polls, and reports.  These sources include input from over one million Muslims worldwide.  This article reveals facts suppressed in most countries.




What Muslimís Donít Want You To Know

(Now With Better Statistics)


Copyright August 12, 2007

International Political Intelligence


Updated January 19, 2009

Copyright January 19, 2009

International Political Intelligence




        In every nation that is dominated by Muslims, freedom tends to be suppressed or has been totally suppressed.


        In every nation dominated by Muslims, democracy tends to be suppressed or has been totally eliminated.


        Murder rates are ten times higher in Muslim countries than in Western democracies.


        Rates of rape and pedophilia are six times higher in Muslim countries than in Western democracies.


        90% of the female population of all Muslim countries combined are prohibited from getting any kind of education and are forced to live their entire lives in superstition and ignorance.


        Muslims who have immigrated to Western democracies are more loyal to the Muslim countries from which they have emigrated than they are to the countries to which they have immigrated.


        80% of children in all Muslim countries are forced into harsh and, sometimes, brutal labor.  These children typically range in age from 5 to 12.


        90% of Muslim countries oppose freedom of religion and prohibit by law other religions.  In addition, these countries persecute 90% of the followers of other religions, murdering more than 25% of them.


        45% of Muslims in Great Britain regularly defy many British laws.


        30% of Muslims in the United States have, most often in private conference, agreed to work to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and to strive to take over the government of the United States.  See the Steinmetz Report (link not yet activated).


        More than 80% of Muslims in the world (20% in the United States and 30% in Great Britain) believe a person should have their right hand cut off for such acts as that of stealing an apple.  See the Brinker Report (link not yet activated).


        The Hempstead Report (link not yet activated) reveals that almost 60% of Muslims want to see Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and the members of all other religions either become Muslims or be put to death.


        The 2007 Muslim Global Manifesto (link not yet activated) is supported by 70% of Muslims.  It says, regarding Western democracies and, especially, the United States and Great Britain:


Learn to act like citizens of these countries.  Act like you believe in freedom, equality, and democracy.  Once we occupy the key positions of power in their governments, we will eliminate freedom, deny equality, and forever banish democracy from the earth.  Those who do not obey will be imprisoned, tortured, and killed.






Now, we certainly do not advocate that you harm any Muslims.  Rather, overcome evil with good.  Promote the religion that built Western democracies (the United States, Great Britain, etc.) Ė Christianity.  A few other religions have contributed about one-tenth of 1% to the building of the Western democracies.  Also, note that the United States, Great Britain, and other English-speaking countries were founded exclusively (completely [100%]) by Protestant (non-Roman-Catholic) Christianity and built 90% by Protestant Christianity.