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It is our mission to report vital information suppressed by certain commercial and other interests that is needed by both the American and global public. Generally, the information we report incurs lawsuits from these interests. In addition, several attempts have been made on our lives. For these reasons, we have gone underground. HOWEVER, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! WE WILL MAKE THE TRUTH KNOWN!!!


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Now that millions have taken Paxil CR, the pharmaceutical companies have data that proves that the medication causes heart attacks, stroke, blindness, dementia, and, in many cases, death. The negative effects of the drug do not appear until about the second year of usage, in most cases. A few rare individuals have gone as long as ten years before feeling any negative effects.


Sources at a couple of the major pharmaceutical companies have provided the following statistics:


Paxil CR NE Report


Heart Attacks - 12%

Stroke - 15%

Blindness - 11%

Dementia - 17%

Death - 1%


In addition, several state supreme courts are protecting the pharmaceutical companies by limiting lawsuits to claims of no more than a thousand dollars per claimant.




A secret memo from the head of one of the major pharmaceutical companies was leaked on Friday, December 17, 2004. The memo said:



If the American public is stupid enough to put their faith in our products, they deserve what they get.










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