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Temporal Physics And “Time Travel”?




The Chronotransology Institute was founded in 1975.  The term “chronotransology” and the futuristic term “chrononaut” were coined by us in the same year.  We are affiliated with the Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute and UnifieldX, Inc.  We are engaged in advanced studies in temporal physics.



Unified Field Theory - Significance


Copyright December 5, 2003 9:19 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti


The discovery of the Unified Field Theory has moved us into a new age.  The Unified Field Theory proves once and for all that unidirectional temporal transportation is consistent with all natural and, if you will, supernatural law.  An observer watching the occurrence of a unidirectional temporal transportation event would, in one scenario, draw the conclusion that a person had disappeared into thin air and then minutes later reappeared from nowhere.  The observer would believe that the person had travelled through time.  Two points need to be made:


·        A person cannot travel through time.


·        For all practical purposes, a person can travel through time.


UniFieldX, Inc., the Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute, and the Chronotransology Institute are working together to determine if a technology could be developed that would actually achieve unidirectional temporal transportation.


Although the term “time travel” is descriptive and not scientific, it has captured the popular imagination and, therefore, we will be using it to refer to unidirectional temporal transportation.  It must always be remembered that the term “time travel” is a descriptive and not a scientific term.  For additional information, see