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I have revised my comprehensive CD guide to vintage plastic space model kits. Plastic Rockets, Missiles and Spacecraft Vol - l. An examination, via scanning and digital photos, also text on notes that you can open up, of vintage kits (1950's - 60's era) including box art, side panels, decals and instructions. It now includes two 40 second videos, more info on kits, pictures and actual photos of rockets and missiles where possible. All instructions are now complete in the two disks. CD One has 219 pages and CD two has 113 pages plus the two 40 second videos. The CDs can be used on any Mac or Windows PC with the Adobe Acrobat Reader (an auto-start feature is included for Windows users). Both videos compatible in both MAC and Windows. Free updates are available to all owners of the original compact disk. Cost is still $25 USD (~ € 28.50 EUR).


Below is the RMS CD Kit List:

ADAMS - Thor, Vanguard

AURORA - Mace TM-76

HAWK - Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Hawk Rocket Power, Hawk Tac Guided Missile

ICARUS - Bottle Space Suit  KMT - Talos with Booster

LINDBERG - Mars Probe kit no 1148 (1970 version),  Mars Probe kit no 1148 (1978) Box artwork for comparison only.

MONOGRAM - RascalMissile PD-42, Snark & Matador MP-2, Missile Mobile PD-43, Space Taxi PS-45

RENWAL - Nike Ajax M-550, Nike Ajax Type-ll Box,  Lacrosse Kit Number 560

REVELL - Moonship H-1825, Aerobee Hi H-1814, Bomarc H-1806, Regulus –ll H-1815, Nike Hercules H-1804, Jupiter w/ Truck & TrailerH-1824, Redstone H-1803, Thor H-1823, Talos H-1808, Terrier H-1813, Corporal H-1820, Lacrosse H-1816, Tactical MissilesSet H-1812, Lockheed X-17H-1810, Atomic SpaceExplorer Solaris H-1851, Teracruzer with Mace Missile HM-1 # 8628, StrombeckerConvair MLRV kit D-37-100, Strombecker Disneyland “Rocket To The Moon” D-27,  The Author’s, "Chesley Bonestell’s Rocket To The Moon" which includes a video look at this muti-media spacecraft.

CD Two now includes the video trailer from "Man Conquers Space" © 2002, with special thanks to David Sander.












Productions produced: Plastic Rockets, Missiles & Spacecraft Vol - l (copyright 2001). The first ever CD on plastic model kits! The Nike Missile CD is now in the archives of the White Sands Missile Range Historical Foundation. Stamp Collecting interests includes the two volume CD entitled: Morton Dean Joyce Catalog of U.S. Revenue Stamps. For Post Card Collectors: An Examination of the 1933 World's Fair Post Cards on compact disk.  


Just released ! Nike Missile CD ll. Includes a Nike-Ajax handbook. Article on Nike-Apaches in the midwest during 1971. 5 video clips total time 44min. and

Nike artifacts. Special Thanks to Roland Bruce Burgan for Nike-Apache photo which is 2nd from upper right corner  Blasting Off !   Copyright 2003


Mike from Marietta, GA writes his review about Plastic Rockets, Missiles and Spacecraft Vol-1:

"I have had a blast over the past hour going through both CD's.  It was a great idea for you to include your comments.  I think I have clicked on them all!  I also like your moon rocket at the end of the second CD.  It's really well done!  Not only is it innovative, but also fits well with that era's design.  Enjoy modeling!"



















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