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There are many evils in the world, some worse than others.  In our times, because of their frustration with lawfully designated authority, many our seeking to take the law into their own hands.  These people are called “vigilantes.”  While we feel their frustration, grief, and indignation, we cannot condone their activities.  A society whose citizens do not follow the law is far more dangerous than any of the evils that such citizens seek to destroy.




We support America’s Most Wanted, local law enforcement, the FBI, and all protectors of the peace here and around the world.




Currently, we are monitoring over 200 vigilante organizations, including those listed below.  We have included statements from their representatives.






AntiPorn Hit Men


“We have marked for d _ _ _ _ the pornographers of the world.”






AntiGay Avengers


“For every child you turn gay, we will k _ _ _ ten of you.”






Former-Evolutionists Vigilantes


“We are secular, NONreligious, former evolutionists.  We are fed up with evolutionist deceptions and lies.  They better start telling the truth or we will bring them hell on earth.”





HEX Squad

Hollywood Execution Squad


“We have targeted for ex _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the heads of some of the major movie companies.  Their ‘b. n.’ movies are worse than L. F.’s ‘H.’ magazine (we’ll get to L. F. eventually).”





BP Vigilantes

Border Patrol Vigilantes


“Starting November 1, 2004, we will shoot on sight every person entering our country illegally from the north, south, east, or west.”





CM Revengers

Corporate Men Revengers


“We have targeted the top ten women in Corporate America for ex _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as well as those who promoted them.”





AG Hellhounds

Anti-Gang Hellhounds


“We are going to destroy gangs across the nation that kill children in their gang wars.”





CJ Hijackers

Criminal Judge Hijackers


“These criminal judges who break the laws of our land will go, one by one.  That we promise.”





Psycho Avengers


“Some psychiatrists have drugged our children into insanity.  These psychiatrists will pay with their lives.”









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