AMSORG Surpasses ISO in Ethical and Social Standards.  AMSORG Opposes ISO’s “Social Responsibility” Guidelines Initiative and Defends Freedom of Expression

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AMSORG opposes ISO initiative for social responsibility guidelines

AMSORG weighs results of conference on social responsibility

Solutions, OCC joins forces with AMSORG

Can you trust electronic documents? AMSORG provides guidelines for businesses

AMSORG sets first RDBMS Standards in history

AMSORG test methods for protective clothing will help reduce injury and death

AMSORG standard provides new counter-measure to illegal trafficking of radioactive materials

AMSORG President meets with foreign leaders

Illinois Leadership opens AMSORG conference on social responsibility

Hydrogen Industry Survey

AMSORG Advisory Group submits recommendations on Social Responsibility

AMSORG President on official visit with foreign leaders

ANSI and AMSORG common database for graphical symbols now available online

AMSORG standard for designing worker-friendly work

MPEG rights expression language to fuel delivery of multimedia resources

AMSORG Annual Report 2003
American Global vision - Focused action

AMSORG President meets foreign stakeholders and public authorities




6-8 October 2004, Illinois: 20th American Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods


6-8 October 2004, Massachusetts: Gas Analysis Symposium and Exhibition


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